The Sultanate of Oman boasts of being in a very quaint and beautiful location. It is home to some of the most stunning landscapes. This, combined with adventure sports and Oman desert safari, makes this place a tourist delight. 

However, not much has been discussed about the scenic beauty of Oman. In fact, many tourists are astonished by the variety of landscapes that add charm to the country. Here we will share with you some hidden gems of Oman’s beauty that you must not miss.

Stunning Mountain Ranges

The country has surprisingly high mountain ranges surrounding it. These ranges are based on the outskirts and naturally bestow calm, peaceful, and cooler climates. When you visit there, the ideal feeling is of being on a naturally blessed island. Also, you can discuss the hiking packages when you book your trip. 

Al Hamra nestles south of Jebel Shams and echoes the history of the time gone by. It is partially inhabited, which lends an eerie feel to the place. Wadi Nakr is your largest Gorge and is often known as the “Grand Canyon of Oman.” The valley there is witness to eroded boulders, date palms, and shrubs. There are also hiking trails here that you would not want to skip.

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The Mystical Sands

The sands of Oman are a visual delight. As far as you can see, only pristine brown sand is waiting to enthrall you. The safari Oman is another adventure that is worth experiencing once in a while. You can choose between Wahiba Sands or Sharqiya desert as they are both marvelous.

Over there, you could also join a desert camp or enjoy talking to the Bedouin tribes. There is a lot that they have to share with you. Plus, you can indulge in other adventure activities like Fat Bike rides, Sandboarding, etc.

Alluring Coastline

The country has nearly 3000 km of coastline to boast of. Yet many tourists are surprised to see such beautiful beaches that it is home to. Probably this is because a lot of the physical gifts of Oman are not popularised much. Surrounded by alluring mountains, the beaches provide a perfect getaway. 

The beaches remain pristine and, with some awesome lagoons, offer a chance to go fishing too. Combine this with a sighting of flamingos and other birds, and you will surely have an enjoyable time. 

A visit to Masirah Island is also recommended if you want to laze out in the soft white sands. The beaches feel untouched and virgin, and spending some time there is always a great idea. Along with the beaches at Dhofar and Salalah showcase caves and rock formations that are sure to impress. 

Gorgeous Wadis

The wadis are amazing small pools of water nestled surrounded by caves or trees. The country is blessed with loads of them, and you will surely be surprised when you reach there. A place which you must not miss is Wadi al Arbeieen

This wadi gets a steady flow of water from the Hajar mountains nearby. You can also hike there as the place is too beautiful not to spend some time there. Plus, you can also swim in the deep waters making this an entire day excursion.

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Exploring the Majestic Wadi Shab

Astounding Caves 

When there is a mountain range, how can caves not be there? Not only that, these caves are fully open for the public to spend some time and enjoy the calm. The Al Hoota caves are a delight to explore, and you won’t want to come back. These caves are believed to be 2 million years old, and their enigma is unmissable. 

Over there, you will find four lakes which are an ecosystem in themselves. These are inhabited by a variety of organisms. This includes bats, anthropoids, water beetles, and mollusks. Not to miss are the species of blind fish that are only found in Al Hoota. 

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The Seascapes 

Apart from the landscapes, the sea beauty is also worth commenting on. When you book Oman tours, this is one part no one tells you about. The country is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman on both sides. You can also plan a trip to the Dimaniyat islands. There, have a peek at the underwater sea life. You can also do your share of dolphin and whale spotting here. If nothing, opt for Dhow tours and just enjoy the seascape of Oman.

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Seasonal Waterfalls of Salalah

If you have planned your trip in the monsoon time, don’t miss the Salalah region. That place is buzzing with action, and the stunning greenery is a delight to watch. The Wadi Darbat waterfalls there offer a respite to your tired soul. Go roam around and have a look. It is totally unexpected to have a place of such beauty in a Middle Eastern country, yet Oman has been truly blessed.

Summing Up

If there is one place whose physical beauty has been undermined, it must surely be the Sultanate of Oman. With gorgeous beaches, wadis, mountains, and stunning caves, the place beckons you to pamper yourself. Choose your Oman packages with care, though. Ensure that they include all the above features and offer you a trip of a lifetime.

Do your bit of research and tell your agent or guide to assist you. Check their credentials and online reviews to ensure you get the best deal. The country of Oman is waiting to welcome you and go there with a desire to experience beauty like nowhere else.

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